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How to use Tea Tree and Oregano oil for toenail fungus

Tea Tree and Oregano essential oils are strong natural cure for toenail fungus because the oils have strong anti-fungal and antiseptic properties.

A toenail fungal infection occurs when there is moisture trapped in the feet that causes the toenails to become yellowish and thick. If you notice white or yellow spots on your toenails, it is usually the start of a toenail fungal infection. Applying Tea tree essential oil regularly on the feet helps to keep the fungal infection at bay.

How To Use Tea Tree and Oregano Oil For Toenail Fungus?

Let us look at the step-by-step method of using tea tree oil and Oregano for toenail fungus.

Preparing Your Nails

It is necessary to prepare the nails before using tea tree and oregano oil for toenail fungus to ensure a speedy recovery.

Step 1 : Preparation. Clip dead nails with a help of a nail cutter.

Step 2 : If your nail infection is severe, your toenails can be extremely thick. In this case, you will need to clippers. Make sure you get rid of dead toenails to ensure a healthy regrowth of nails.

Step 3 : Next, use a good quality nail file to file away any bits of dead toenails at the corners. The more your skin is exposed to the oil treatment, the better the chances of inhibiting fungal growth.

Step 4 : Clean your toes with fragrance-free soap and water to get rid of any dirt.

Step 5 : Wipe dry.

Tea Tree and Oregano Oil Application

Tea tree and Oregano oils are an ideal treatment for toenail fungal infections. Do test for skin reactions first.

Step 1: Put a sheet of handy towel under your foot to catch any spilt oil. Proceed with caution. Put 2 drops of tea tree oil and 3 drops of Oregano oil on infected toenail 4 x per day.

Step 2 : Let the oil soak into the nail bed as well as the skin.

Step 3 : Let the oil dry out naturally on your feet.

Step 4 : Use this method for 30 days to see toenail results. It may kill the fungus in 60-90 days. Be consistent.

Step 5 : You can also follow this up by soaking your feet in a tea tree oil bath for 10 minutes. For a tea tree oil bath, you need to add 4-5 drops of tea tree oil to a tub of water.

Always use essential oils with caution. Please discuss the use of essential oils with a health professional and always consult your doctor if you have health issues. Test for skin allergies and keep away from children. Do not take orally. The Green Rebel does not aim to treat, diagnose or cure any ailments.The above information is for educational purposes only.